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Hello! Emily here - I'm a photographer offering studio headshots and portraiture for actors and creatives in Yorkshire and the North of England, based just outside of Leeds.

What makes me different from the rest?

I'm not a photographer that has branched into headshots as a sideline. I specifically focus on capturing creatives, actors and performers, as this reflects my own background.

Having spent much of my career having my own headshots taken by others, I picked up the camera and have been developing my headshot skills for the last 10 years.

Having trained and worked as an actor, I've been on the other side of the lens many times and I know how nerve wracking having your photograph taken can be. I know what a casting director or employer is looking for in a shot, as my career has involved being cast and casting others, and I bring this practical insider knowledge to my shoots.

Your headshots should represent who you are and leave a lasting impression. The process should also be enjoyable, and an opportunity to express yourself!

My knowledge and experience of the industry means I'm able to offer you a relaxed but focused atmosphere, and adapt to your personal or agency requirements to produce headshots you can be confident in showing to the world.

Working Safely

I am very excited to get back into the studio! Every effort has been made to adhere with the current Covid 19 guidelines. During the session, hand sanitiser will be provided, we will stay 2 metres apart and I am happy to wear a mask for the session. Between each session I will open the windows for ventilation (I'll shut them when you arrive so it's not too chilly!). 

Studio Set-up

I have plenty of different backdrops so that we can tailor the shoot to what you want, whether that's more traditional headshots or something more eye catching and creative, we'll chat about what you want from the shoot and work together to achieve that. When you book a session I'll send you a useful information document with information about the day and what will happen after the shoot, I'll also send you some terms and conditions to read through. During the shoot, the photos will appear in front of you on my Mac screen so that you can see them as we go along and accordingly adjust your pose, hair, expression etc..


I am working hard to make my studio as accessible as possible however there are currently over 20 steps up to the studio entrance making it difficult for people with access needs. It is best accessed via car and there is onsite parking available. Please contact me for more information and we can even discuss doing the shoot in your own home.  

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